Friday, August 7, 2009

Work Day

Today I did somehing that I have not done yet....worked!! I woke up this morning and had the best eggs I have ever had in my entire life and had toast, jam, and sprite mixed with O.J. and to be honest it was truly amazing. After breakfast Jim asked if I would help him wash the car that they are trying to sell so I headed towards the church to wash, detail, and hook up this car to make it look, like Emeril would say, BAM!!!!
It was about 13 degrees celsius, yes i know but I am trying to get used to the way they measure and say things so I am not going back to standard so just get used to it but for you guys it was about 56 degree is or, sunny and completely heavenly to say the least. The sky was nice and blue and a breeze from the ocean really made it a perfect day to be outside so why not wash a car and help a brotha out.
I then headed to my meeting with Joshua Cole, who is the leader of me DTS that I begin at the end of August and after and amazing conversation of some flate white coffee (which is like a latte back in the states I really started to understand why I am here and what God is using me for. We talked alot about the training and what all i would be doing and it turns out that we are going to be touring the south island on Mercy Ships going all around the south island passing out clothes, shoes, and medical supplies to the doctors and orphanages in the area. Then we will be coming back here to Tauranga for some more studying and then off to either FIJI, SINGAPORE, or PHILLIPINES and the reason for me doing all this (which is totally a God thing) is that they have asked me if I would make a committment to staying here atleast 3 years to teach the next several DTS's and work here with YWAM and it took me a secong to process this so I asked him how I would be able to do that when the time came and he said since so many people leave from here they would hook me up, fill out paper work, to (depending on what God wanted) to either get a 3 year extended visa or apply for permanent residence (citizenship) and become a YWAM KIWI in charge of the Tauranga Region so please be in prayer about this. I did tell him that I would love to make the 3 year committment since I did not move here just to hang out so I truly think that this is an amazing opportunity yet very challenging as well. God is doing some pretty amazing things and I thank you so much for all your support and prayers (Tish....thanks so much and I love you guys so so so much.)
After the meeting I took a 5 mile run through the back roads in the trees and caught some rabbit trails and ended up running way farther than intended and spent the run looking at the Mount and the sunset behind it and to be honest it was breath taking. To see the bay, ocean, the mount, and the pink sunset was truly God painting a picture that I hope everyone here did not miss.
Spent the rest of the night with the youth group at the church doing 70's night and just hanging out. Well about to crash so good night and see you tomorrow.

Kia Ora !!!!

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