Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Wait is Almost Over........40 days and counting

Mission New Zealand:

Well guys alot has changed since the last time that I wrote a blog and so I just wanted all you guys to know what I have been up to. Well, we all know, if you are reading this blog and know me, what has been going on since May so I really do not feel like repeating or talking about it so if we can lets all move on together.

I will however tell you guys that I am really excited about the next journey in my life.....Tauranga, NZ. August 1, 2009 is the day that I take the 15 hour flight across the globe to a country that I have felt called to go to for some time now. As I begin preperation for everything I just would like to thank all of you who have been there for me the past several years through bad decisions, losses, and everything that I have been through and though it has been hard God has really opened my eyes to the Glory of it all. I still can taste the food I used to eat that came from those trash cans on South Padre Island, I still remember sometimes the pain that I experienced when I lost the two exes, and I still remember the pain and hurt I felt when I moved to Lubbock Texas but through all those times, though they came with some heartbreak and hard times the great friends, memories and experiences over takes every single one of them. I can not thank you guys enough for sticking with me, letting me live in your houses, eat your food and take me in when you did not have to (Curtis and Josh.) I can not thank you enough to all you guys who have prayed with me, for me and helped me through my rough times but looking back on everything I am so greatful for Christ who, although it sucked, has pulled me out and made me so much stronger because of everything he has allowed me to go through. Christ is so amazing and I am so glad to be under his control and I look forward to the future and the great times I am going to have where ever I end up.

As my new Journey to New Zealand comes faster and faster each day please continue to pray for me as God continues to put me out there. Tauranga is a fast growing city with beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, and most importantly a chance to do amazing work for the glory of God. So, as I write this, which will be the start of many blogs in the future especially after August 1, I just wanted to say hey and let you guys know how much I love and care for all of you. Pray for me and the future and I hope that all is well and good in all of your lives as well.