Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the country Road

Monday was a very interesting day which i thought was going to be disapointing but ended up being amazing. Robyn and I, a girl I met from Canada, decided to got o the white island which is aobut a 3 hour ship ride and a beautfiul volcano that we really wanted to go see but because of the weather it got cancelled and so Robyn then asked, "Lets go the the sheep show" and after much laughter we decided to hit the road and do something neither one of us had ever done.

The beautiful ride through amazing winding roads, beautiful scenery, and good converstaion we ended up in Rotorua to the sheep show. We learned alot about the 18 different types of sheep that new zealand raises and farms here and then we got a chance to see this huge cow and how it was miled. We then got picked and selected out of a crowed of about 200 asians to go up on stage and milk a cow. Pretty funny i guess but to be honest it was an expereince that might haunt me for a long time, hehe. It was a pretty amazing time and on the way back we stopped at the giant KIWI360 statue, which is a huge statue of a kiwi fruit. I found out that you have to say kiwi fruit if you are talking about the fruit, kiwi bird if you are talking about the bird, and just kiwi if you are talking about a guy or a girl. So you wouldnt say you want to eat a kiwi becasue that would mean you ate a person, if you catch my drift.

I have learned so many different words, comments, and slang things to say, here are some:

A speed bump is called a jitter bug,
you do not root for a team you cheer for a team because root means "sleeping with"
if you compare something to 6 to a half dozen you mean that it is equal or not worth it; example.
Why would you work for that price you might as well work for 6 or a half dozen.
A bathroom is a TOILET, and yes they are pretty particular to that.
And of course there are tons more but this is all I can think of right now.

It was a great day, great weather, and really excited about the next few days. Tonight we celebrated an "AIM" student from Lubbock Texas' birthday, her name is kristi and we hung out and played bungalo, which is an interesting card game, ate some great food and chocolate cake and finished the day with me winning 4 games in a row..."GO ME!!!!"

Had some coffee with two guys this morning from Otemoptai Church here and we talked about some evangelistic opportunites and I conveyed my vision and let them know about the Surf ministry that we are starting and what all we are doing with that as well. Planning on using the back packer, which is a hostel, to start it up since everyone is there and close by. I have found that if you live on the Mount then everyone knows you and so on so I am really stoked to continue to meet people on the Island and get this things started. Please be praying about that and if you have any question please ask.. God is doing some gnarly things here on the Island and I am just so excited to be a tool and a part of it.......surfing and doing ministry is something that I have wanted to do my whole life.....please pray about this and if you have any ideas please hit me back with them.....starting something like this is new and we need all the help we can get.


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