Friday, August 14, 2009

A great couple of Day

I have not written much in the last few days and I am sorry for that but I have been so crazy busy with so many different things. About 3 days ago I had the privelage of going to a funeral and the guy that past away was a guy from England who had moved here ages ago by the name of Owen. It was so great to here people talk about a man like this who was so strong in the Lord, loving to everyone around him, and a guy that I feel like I totally missed out on meeting. I have met some pretty cool people here on the Island so far and as some of you know have been hanging out with a few Kiwi' locals who are very interested in planting a surf ministry of some sort. I have also been in contact with the Christian Surfer's Organization as well and after a few really good conversations am really looking forward to seeing what will come of that, so please pray for that conversation and what God might do with all that.

It has been really great so far staying with Jim and Marylin and to be honest I am so so grateful for thier patience and allowing someone like me to stay with them, you guys are truly great. I will say this though...I am already in desperate need to some fast food from In n Out and a nice huge Dr. Pepper....didnt think it would hit me this soon but if anyone would like to mail me a case please feel free (I will email you the address whenever you would like).

Tea, hot tea that is, is something that everyone here drinks and although I do enjoy it from time to time, having it everyday is something that I am going to have to get used to. Last night was a pretty interesting night, for the first time in a long time I got to experience what it is like to see and hear "real rain and storms." It literally rained all day, like from early in the morning until we went to poured and poured and poured. Not a bad thing, it smelled amazing and I guess it has to rain that much in order to keep it as green and as beautiful as it is here.

I met a guy named Josh at "The Backdoor" which is a surf shop here at the the Mount and we got to talking about a few things and apparently he writes for the newspaper and when I told him that I actually moved here and planned on staying for as long as God would let me, "If you are reading this God you know I mean forever, :) !! We had a good conversation and he was really stoked about meeting me and what I told him i wanted to do here. So hopefully we will either see each other in the line up.....for you people who do not know what that is that is what you do when you are waiting in the water.

I got a surf board and a wet suit....super cheap so if you are reading this dad do not freak out, it was super cheap and a nice used board ok. Today, in about 30 minutes I am going to be taking lessons on how to drive on the "wrong" side of the road today. I have already driven but Jim and Marylin really want to make sure I have it down since they are going to be leaving on Wednesday and I am going to be here by myself....they want to make sure they can leave me with the other car....see how great they are.

Well, other than that....nothing has really happened, we watched the Cardinals get beat, but it was only pre-season and then I learned how to chop wood, start a fire, and keep it burning....sounds funny but it is harder work that you think.

See you guys tomorrow and I hope you all have a great day,



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