Friday, August 21, 2009



Things have been going going going. So many things have happened and the reason I have nt written in about a week is because the net has been down. In the past few days I have visited an amazing volcano called the white island. We took a drive to whakatani which is pronounced fakatani (wh = f sound). It was amazing and just getting the experience of riding a a boat across the ocean, seeing the sun set across it, smelling the sulfur, and learning about the history of the island was pretty amazing. It has been rainy off and on but it is clearing up for a beautiful week. I have been helping a moving company just to make a little bit of cash and to help meet some people from the community and stuff. I am learning (today actually) how to work with the kiwi fruit, picking, cleaning, rooting, and spraying which I think will be a pretty cool experience.
Enjoyed some nice cooked salmon (that i made) with some potatoes and some salad last ngiht and had some friends from the church come share in the feast. Things have been good and I will be more detailed later on but for now good bye and keep me in your prayers.

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