Friday, August 28, 2009

The nice work week

Things have been staying really busy around here. Have had some really good conversations with a couple guys from the Christian Surfers Organization so am really looking forward to sitting down, having a nice cup of hot tea or coffee and discussing different ways to get this thing started. I have been asked by the director in Raglan to start praying and trying to put together a leadership team to start focusing on getting the chapter up here again. I have also been asked to team up and be the head of it, which is ia big step and something that I am not sure I am ready for....bring it on Eli said.
I have also been working, working, and working some more spraying for this guy named Cameron. He has tons of land and needs someone to spray this horrible yellow plant called Gores. It is a sharp, prickly weed that sucks the life out of the ground and am spraying that. THe chemical has this strong redish pinkish dye that tends to cover me everyday as you can see in the first picture. But all in all it has been so beautfiul outside working so it has been worth it. Crawling up the hills to spray is a challenge though and to be honest i find myself sucking wind after about 10 minutes of spraying. "Welcome to New Zealand hills" Cameron told me the first day on the job and oh was he right.
I have also been working on his house. The picture on the right, framing, laying concrete, and screwing a tin roof on. Really crazy to be up that high puting a roof on while the wind is blowing but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
God has really been showing me some amazing things and one of the greatest sounds i have ever heard is being out there in the mix of the gores and hearing all the bees humming and buzzing around. Pretty cool to hear thousands of bees buzzing. Have been studying and reading through Titus, Jims challenge to some of the men to focus on that, spend time reading, and praying. Has definately been a great challenge and have really gotten a lot out of it.
Things here are great, the weather has been off and on but thats the way it is before spring and summer get here, so im really looking forward to that.
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